Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th! On the 8th...

I, unfortunately, had to spend the first part of the holiday at work then drive the almost 2 hours to the country. This left Brian to load three babies and all of their junk into the car and drive them to Weatherford. And all he really forgot was Lily's red, white, and blue bow. Which matched her 4th of July shirt. Dang.

The 4th is a big holiday for our family. Several birthdays fall around this holiday so we always have a big pool party out at Uncle Eddie and Debbie's. This includes Brian's which is on the 5th.
It's always such a great time. Lots of food, fun, and laughter. Last year we spent the night so we could shoot off fireworks after the kiddos went down. This year we made it an annual tradition. Or so I hope...

The babies were a joy as always. Wherever they go they spread smiles and love. It's always amazing how easy it is to take them anywhere. They always have such a great time. This makes everyone else have a great time as well.
Their day started off with a neighborhood parade which Brian took the kiddos to in their wagon. I'm glad he took pictures for me because it looks entirely too hot for me. Such a good Daddy!

After a quick nap it was off to the festivities where lots and lots of flag waving happened!

Jack loves the water. This picture was prior to him falling into the hot tub. Don't worry, he landed on the first step. Ben likes to stick his feet in...and throw rocks into the water. Boys are silly.

Both boys enjoying the kiddie pool...with shorts and diapers on. Why did I even bother to take off their shirts? Better yet, why didn't I just put them in their swim diapers and swimsuits when they woke up? I'm still learning I guess.... Unfortunately poor Jack got a bit of chafing from my mistake.

Lily thinks those boys are CRAZY to get so wet and dirty.

Sweet Bennie bringing Mommy a flower!

Not to be outdone...Lily found an even BIGGER flower to bring to Mommy!

Nonnie's baked beans were a big hit!

But, the best part of it all is spending time with the people we love!

...and the really, really, really tall people!
Hope everyone had a great 4th! Happy birthday America. But, most of all, thanks to all of the men and women who give their lives for our freedom. We are blessed to live in such a great country.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Dear Dad...

Thanks for all of the important jobs you do around here.

Thanks for always bringing home a big smile and a great attitude.

Thanks for being fun, involved, happy, and enthusiastic.

Thanks for teaching our kids how to be good people.

Thanks for making all of us feel, each day, how important we are to you.

Thanks for being you! And thanks for tolerating the fact that I am always late...

We Love You!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

We Are Dog People

Writing things down has always helped me get through difficult times. I often have dialogue running through my head and it is a relief to get it out on paper (or in type). We've been through a lot in the last few weeks which is why you haven't heard much from me. Bear with me, this is more for my me than anyone else. This is my therapy, this is my eulogy, this is my goodbye. So here you go.
Roughly 13 years ago, after having a frosty beverage or two... Brian and I headed out to Godley to check out some 8-wk old Siberian Husky puppies we had found in the paper. Just to look. Not to buy.

Yeah right... Have you ever seen one in person? It is simply impossible not to leave with one, we're lucky we made out with just one. One in particular seemed a little sweeter than the others. Brian was holding one, but I convinced him the one I had was the one we wanted. This was our first Christmas together and this was my present to Brian. We had been dating roughly 9 months or so, surely long enough to commit to something as important as raising a dog together, right? Oh how young and naive we were.

And so began our life with Kita. For almost as long as there has been a Brian and I, there has been a Kita as well. The honest truth is that if not for her there might not have been an us. No matter what the difficult times brought...arguments, stupidity, and even a long-distance relationship...she was the tie that was never broken between us.

I'd love to tell ya'll she was the best dog there ever was (which she was to us), but there may have been a little room for improvement in the obedience area. If it could be shredded, scratched, or ripped up she could (and would) do it. She has demolished kennels (plastic dog crates), carpet, walls, sheets, doors, and countless other things. If it could be peed or pooped on she could handle that as well. Once I'm pretty sure she stood in the middle of the room and spun around like a helicopter. How else could you explain poop on the walls and even in the electrical outlet? And the famous backpack incident? Yep, right in the side pocket on a $20 bill...and nowhere else. She could be diabolical. More than that, she could not be trusted in the least.

And, the thing she was famous for...escaping. The miles we have ran chasing that silly dog. Looking back I'm fairly certain we have spent most of the time trying to keep her from running away from us. Which is ironic considering how much she would cry and whine at the backdoor to get in. Once we found JUST her collar hanging on one of the posts of Brian's 7-ft back fence.

We went through multiple kennels because she scratched holes in them. She was also quite adept at somehow shaking the kennel all day until the screws fell out. We finally just zip-tied the darn thing together. We attempted once to get her a large wire kennel that had way more room and she could see out. That lasted about 1 day until she figured out how to scoot the plastic bottom out and dug all the way through the carpet and padding. Lost that deposit. Actually, I'm pretty sure we never got any deposit back on any apartment we lived in...

Once I came home to hear her crying. I ran around the corner and found just her head hanging out a hole that she had scratched in the side of the kennel. She was the only dog I have ever heard of that could somehow walk a kennel from room to room while we were gone. Luckily, in the past few years she calmed down enough that we didn't have to put her in it anymore.

She definitely had her fare share of oddities. She like to hide cheese in the potted plants. She HATED other dogs. When she went into heat she latched onto odd items and they became her "puppy". She was unreasonably high strung. She hated for her tail or feet to be touched. She seriously disliked for her picture to be taken, wouldn't make eye contact with the camera, and usually looked annoyed at the picture taker. She hated to be brushed. She hated rain, baths, swimming, and basically water of any kind. And many more I can't remember right now.

And the hair. Oh the hair. Can I tell you how many times I cursed the hair? I wore her hair, ate her hair, vacuumed her hair, brushed her hair, lint-rolled her hair, and found her hair in the oddest of places. I can't count how many hundreds of times I wished that hair away.

Kita was spirited, to say the least. But, because she was simply beautiful, and completely ours (for better or worse) we put up with it all. She had a way of making you feel that you were lucky just to be hanging out with her. She got annoyed with us. She even got embarrassed sometimes. She never, even for one second, considered herself to be a dog. As far as she was concerned this was a level playing field and we were no more important than she was in this relationship.

Then there was the shear joy she had when she hung her head out the window while we were driving. And the sweet spot that you occasionally found when you rubbed her belly. And the times, if only for a few minutes, she let you curl up right next to her. Oh, and that puppy fur on our feet at the end of the day. I have ran miles upon miles with her by my side. Even with all that fur she loved to stretch out in the sun and bake for a while. She had a way of looking so content and happy with herself...half-closed eyes, tongue hanging out, nose to the sky. She liked to hide in our closet, or in the bushes, or under the bed. She also like to stretch out on a nice cool tile floor when available. And I can hear her contented sigh as she stretched out as far as she could right now in my mind. She could also roll herself up so tightly that her nose would tuck in right under her tail.

For so many years we dragged her everywhere. We stayed gone all day, we went out at night, and and she always adapted. She's lived in multiple houses and apartments. In the most unselfish act ever, Brian let me take Kita to live with me in Houston for the two years I was in grad school. And then I made him marry me to get her back! She was my companion for all of my drives back and forth to Houston. She even went on camping trips with us. She was always there, for the good and the bad.

I became an adult with her by my side. I graduated college. I graduated from OT school. I married the love of my life. I bought my first house. I bought my second house. I had my children. She has ridden shotgun in every car I have ever owned. I always had her.

For the past 2 years, barring the month I was in the hospital, she's been my constant companion every single day. She drove me crazy some days. I'm sure I did the same to her. And while I knew she was getting old, I never stopped to think how it would feel when she wasn't here anymore. Why is that? We tolerated each other like a crazy old couple who have been together for years, with sweet moments here and there. And a lot of nagging.

As with everything else we have done to her, she tolerated the babies. I can't say she was happy about it. But, we worked through it. There were days I would be so frustrated with her, but I realize now it was just a difficult situation for us both. I wanted to be able to trust her around the babies and she wanted them to leave her alone. There were days I thought it would be easier for me if she just wasn't here. This is the one thing I wish I could take back more than anything. Why is it so easy to take the simplest of things for granted?

Monday we had to make a difficult decision and had to have her put to sleep. She had advanced lymphoma and had gotten to the point of not eating or standing up. We made our decision with as much peace as possible and said goodbye. I think this was the hardest thing I have ever done. Which is saying a lot, I did have triplets ya know?

We only found out that she was sick a little over a week ago. We were told she had 2-4 months, and certainly didn't expect just a week. It happened too fast. It was amazing how completely unprepared we were for it when it did. The one condolence for me is that she wasn't sick for that long. She was far too proud to have tolerated that.

I wasn't ready. I had no idea how difficult it would be to say goodbye. I spent so much time at the end worrying that she was uncomfortable or in pain that I never stopped to think about how big the place in my heart was that she filled. I thank from the bottom of my heart both my parents and Brian's parents that they allowed me to spend some time just with her during her last days.

I miss her. I can't believe she's gone. She's just always been here. It is difficult to put into words or even describe how sad we have been. I just can't quite get it in my heart that I will never see her again. It is an emotion that has quite literally shaken me.

There will be no more whining at the back door. There will be no more piles of hair in the corner. There will be no more jingles in the middle of the night. It's a hard thing to accept. Impossibly hard.

But life moves on. Today was a little bit better than yesterday. Tomorrow will be a little bit better than today. It's hard being in this house without her. It's better when I am busy. Thank goodness I have three fantastic little distractions at my feet.

And I will always love that silly dog. Forever.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

We're Home!!!

Vacations just aren't the same when you have kids.

Pre-triplets we booked trips way in advance, couldn't wait to leave, stayed as long as we could, and didn't want to come back home. This time I held off as long as I could to give Brian the go-ahead to book, didn't start to pack until roughly 8 hours before we left for the airport, and couldn't wait to get home to see my sweeties.

However, we did have a fantastic time. Thank you, thank you, thank you to all of our wonderful family who made it possible for us to have some time to ourselves. Thank you Brian for convincing me that this was a good idea...because it really truly was. The last vacation that we had all to ourselves was when I was about 8 weeks pregnant, which was a long time ago.

And, let's be honest, the kids were apparently having way too much fun to even notice we were gone. MawMaw and PawPaw kept them busy with trips to Bass Pro, Cabellas, and the park Nonnie, Poppie, and Grandmother took them on a train ride, to the park, and bought them a kiddie pool for the back yard. And...I'm fairly sure everyone was completely and wonderfully spoiled. Which is exactly how it should be.

As for me, I enjoyed the time with my hubbie. It's amazing how much of our lives are spent tending to our children which doesn't leave a lot of time for us. When we do have time together we're exhausted from chasing toddlers and working. We relaxed, hiked, drove along the coast, surfed (Brian, not me...), hung out on the beach, went sight-seeing, and ATE lots of great seafood.

We arrived in Seattle Wednesday morning, rented a car, and headed south to Oregon. We stayed in Gearhart in a condo on the beach. The beach was beautiful. We spent the first two days driving the coast, stopping when we wanted, and enjoying the scenery. Life at our own pace. Not so bad, huh?

The next day we made our way down to Tillamook...home of the famous cheese factory. We then headed back North to Oswald West State Park, home of Short Sands Beach. Brian rented a board and wet suit so he could get his annual wave fix. There is NO WAY you could have gotten me to get in that freezing water but he spent hours out there. We're a perfect match. He spends his time surfing and I spend my time relaxing on the beach and reading. Paradise.

Friday we drove back to Seattle and did some sight-seeing.

Saturday we took the ferry to Bainbridge Island and got some amazing views of Seattle, including Mt. Ranier.
We also saw a rather unique form of advertising.

The weather was unseasonably warm and sunny the entire time. Some people (not me) were even wearing bathing suits on the beach. Everything was just wonderful. The only hitch was that my suitcase went to Philadelphia instead of coming home to Dallas, guess it didn't want the vacation to end. Thanks to US Airways it was on my porch Monday morning.

Again, thanks to everyone who made this possible. When Brian and I weren't being mushy about how much we missed the babies we were being thankful for all of the support we have. As for the babies...I don't think they ever even noticed we were gone because they were having so much fun. All of us were completely spoiled when the trip was over...which is exactly how it should be!

Rhonda let me copy some pics they took while we were gone. See? They were having a blast!

Except Bennie...who wasn't so sure about the Zoo train!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Off To The Pacific Northwest.

I know it's a good thing, but it seems like a very bad idea right now....

Brian and I are headed to Washington State and Northern Oregon for the next 4 nights, leaving bright and early (6 am) tomorrow morning.

I really am excited but I am going to miss my babies so much.

Thanks to my parents and Brian's parents for babysitting our little munchkins while we are gone. I expect them to be completely spoiled when I get back. I'm guessing they will have so much fun they won't even miss us.

Have fun MawMaw, PawPaw, Nonnie, Poppie, and Grandmother...and be sure to follow the 9 pages of instructions that I left you! (Think I'm having some separation anxiety?)

See ya'll Sunday and I can't wait to share fun pics, that is if I can find my camera battery charger!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jumpin' Jack

Just when you think you have it figured out they go and change the rules on you. They've been sweet, sleeping great, happy, basically pretty much perfect.

Until Jack grew wings yesterday. And climbed out of the pack n play during his nap. Multiple times. To be fair, I was at work, so poor Nonnie had to deal with the madness. I am just so sorry.

He did finally nap, briefly. Which would lead you to believe he would be tired and go to sleep easily.

Not so much.

Again, I completely missed all of the madness. I was at a work training class last night until 11:00. Darn.

Because.... He then climbed out of his crib. Per Brian, approximately one million times. Luckily it only lasted about 3 hours or so. Along with a massive amount of screaming and crying. Except for when he was running around the room, throwing stuffed animals into Ben's crib, ransacking the closet, and conveniently turning the monitor off. Then he was oddly silent.

He finally wore himself out and slept until about 7:00 this morning (not the usual 8:00.) I worked again today. I missed all of the fun.

Today a crib tent was put on his pack n play which worked well at nap time. Unfortunately because of the shape of our crib it will not work there. We turned the crib around b/c the front is about a foot lower than the back. THANK YOU Nana for the suggestion! You are so smart, we never even thought about that.

So, for now, we have outsmarted him. He did cry for about an hour. Followed by silence, which was worrisome. Luckily he was his crib.

I sincerely hope he doesn't figure it out any time soon. I need some sleep. And so does Daddy. I am SO not ready for toddler beds.
You are in SO much trouble, mister.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Very End Of A Very Perfect Day.

Not every day is good. Not every day is bad. Some days are filled with laughter and smiles. Some are crowded with whines and tears. Most days are mixture of it all.

But, oddly enough...after all is said and done, after baths are given, after pj's are on, and after sweet babies are cuddled off to bed.... It's the end to another very, very, very perfect day. A day I wouldn't trade for anything in the world. Ever. Ever. Ever.

Thank you sweet babies for making the last 18 months breathtaking. I believe with all of my heart that each of you are pure magic. I am forever changed because of you. I pray each day that I can give you a life of happiness, friendship, and comfort. Because that is what you give me each and every day.

Thank you for loving hats...

Thank you for the daily reminders that nobody is perfect all of the time.

Thank you for reminding me that dirt doesn't taste so great...

Thank you for warming the hearts of those around you. Thank you for drawing our families close together to share all of this with you. But most of all...Thank you for giving me so many very perfect days... I love you.....


and Ben.