Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Happy 4th! On the 8th...

I, unfortunately, had to spend the first part of the holiday at work then drive the almost 2 hours to the country. This left Brian to load three babies and all of their junk into the car and drive them to Weatherford. And all he really forgot was Lily's red, white, and blue bow. Which matched her 4th of July shirt. Dang.

The 4th is a big holiday for our family. Several birthdays fall around this holiday so we always have a big pool party out at Uncle Eddie and Debbie's. This includes Brian's which is on the 5th.
It's always such a great time. Lots of food, fun, and laughter. Last year we spent the night so we could shoot off fireworks after the kiddos went down. This year we made it an annual tradition. Or so I hope...

The babies were a joy as always. Wherever they go they spread smiles and love. It's always amazing how easy it is to take them anywhere. They always have such a great time. This makes everyone else have a great time as well.
Their day started off with a neighborhood parade which Brian took the kiddos to in their wagon. I'm glad he took pictures for me because it looks entirely too hot for me. Such a good Daddy!

After a quick nap it was off to the festivities where lots and lots of flag waving happened!

Jack loves the water. This picture was prior to him falling into the hot tub. Don't worry, he landed on the first step. Ben likes to stick his feet in...and throw rocks into the water. Boys are silly.

Both boys enjoying the kiddie pool...with shorts and diapers on. Why did I even bother to take off their shirts? Better yet, why didn't I just put them in their swim diapers and swimsuits when they woke up? I'm still learning I guess.... Unfortunately poor Jack got a bit of chafing from my mistake.

Lily thinks those boys are CRAZY to get so wet and dirty.

Sweet Bennie bringing Mommy a flower!

Not to be outdone...Lily found an even BIGGER flower to bring to Mommy!

Nonnie's baked beans were a big hit!

But, the best part of it all is spending time with the people we love!

...and the really, really, really tall people!
Hope everyone had a great 4th! Happy birthday America. But, most of all, thanks to all of the men and women who give their lives for our freedom. We are blessed to live in such a great country.


Aunt Dorothy said...

Great pictures! They are growing so fast. Maybe next year, I will come to the party on the 4th.

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