Saturday, May 23, 2009

Jumpin' Jack

Just when you think you have it figured out they go and change the rules on you. They've been sweet, sleeping great, happy, basically pretty much perfect.

Until Jack grew wings yesterday. And climbed out of the pack n play during his nap. Multiple times. To be fair, I was at work, so poor Nonnie had to deal with the madness. I am just so sorry.

He did finally nap, briefly. Which would lead you to believe he would be tired and go to sleep easily.

Not so much.

Again, I completely missed all of the madness. I was at a work training class last night until 11:00. Darn.

Because.... He then climbed out of his crib. Per Brian, approximately one million times. Luckily it only lasted about 3 hours or so. Along with a massive amount of screaming and crying. Except for when he was running around the room, throwing stuffed animals into Ben's crib, ransacking the closet, and conveniently turning the monitor off. Then he was oddly silent.

He finally wore himself out and slept until about 7:00 this morning (not the usual 8:00.) I worked again today. I missed all of the fun.

Today a crib tent was put on his pack n play which worked well at nap time. Unfortunately because of the shape of our crib it will not work there. We turned the crib around b/c the front is about a foot lower than the back. THANK YOU Nana for the suggestion! You are so smart, we never even thought about that.

So, for now, we have outsmarted him. He did cry for about an hour. Followed by silence, which was worrisome. Luckily he was his crib.

I sincerely hope he doesn't figure it out any time soon. I need some sleep. And so does Daddy. I am SO not ready for toddler beds.
You are in SO much trouble, mister.


Jeni said...

Work? I didn't know you had gone back! How's it going?

The May Family said...

Wait until he tells all his secrets to his siblings... you might be in some serious trouble then. Toddler beds makes then seem SO much older so hold on to the crib as LONG as you can!!!