Wednesday, April 30, 2008

We're Home! A Recap of Chairman's Club 2008...

I had a fantastic time. I did miss the little munchkins A LOT at times, but I am so glad I went. Brian and I definitely needed some time together that didn't involve feeding, diapers, or spit up. A HUGE thank you to Nonnie, Poppie, MawMaw, and PawPaw for taking EXCELLENT care of the babies. We are so lucky to have such great grandparents that were not only excited to take care of them but excited for us that we had the opportunity to take a vacation. They followed my 7-page instructions perfectly and the babies were not broken I am happy to report. I wasn't really worried, I just like to tease them a bit.

So, here's a quick overview of our trip. It was more than I ever expected! Charles Schwab footed the bill for a first-class shindig. I expected it to be nice, but this was beyond nice. The events scheduled were fun and each night we had gifts waiting in our room. The little details really made this trip unforgettable.

We arrived Friday afternoon and settled in. Friday night we partied on the beach to Reggae singers and traditional Jamaican fair.

Saturday morning we had breakfast on the East Lawn and Brian had meetings in the morning. I got up for breakfast...then went back to bed until noon. It was FANTASTIC. We then hung out on the beach for the rest of the day. (And yes, I wore my bikini proudly...with a size bigger bottoms.)
We came back...cleaned up...and headed to the Ballroom for the awards ceremony. Dinner was great, my and turf. Followed by a private concert by JOHN LEGEND! He was amazing. You can't tell but the picture below is me with him in the background.

Of course...after we took this pic I was handed a surprise backstage pass to actually meet him. It was so nice of the couple next to us to share it with me.
Below is a pic of Brian and I at the reception afterward. I was pleading with him to hit the dance floor. No go.

The third night was a free night so Brian's regional boss took a few of us to dinner at SeaGrapes in the Half Moon Hotel.
We hitched a ride on a catamaran and went snorkeling then had lunch on the beach.

Brian participated in a diving contest off of the boat...he performed the only watermelon...

The final night was amazing. We had a farewell party at Rose Hall which was a local haunted mansion.There were tours of the house, dinner, drinks, and a stage for entertainment.

Oh yeah...they also had palm, tarot card, and tea leaf readers. We opted for the palm/tarot card reader named Jana. She had some interesting info for us. Apparently on top of the triplets we already have there our future, if we aren't careful. Oh dear.

The evening ended with a stellar fireworks display... A perfect end to the perfect trip.

We had a blast...but I was so ready to get home. After a long..LONG day of travelling we arrived home at 9:30 on Tuesday night. I crept into their rooms, gently woke them up, and gave them all big hugs and kisses. They looked at me with sweet sleepy eyes...and just looked confused. Not really happy...just a little confused...and really sleepy. Not quite the homecoming I expected. No big grins, smiles, or looks of joy. Just really, really, really sleepy. Oh well. I'm happy they weren't sad while I was gone...but they could have looked a little more excited about seeing me, right?

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am so sad.

I am leaving the country. I am not leaving out of frustration, fatigue, or insanity. I am leaving on Jamaica...away from my babies...

It seemed like a good idea. Until now. Now it seems like a very, very, very bad idea. Terrible actually. I swear I don't need a vacation. I don't want to go away.

Let's forget that it's free. Let's forget that it's at the Ritz-Carlton. Let's forget all of that. Can we forget to go to the airport???

I know I can do this. I know that I need to do this. I know that a few days of relaxation, sleep, and sun worshiping will rejuvinate my heart and soul. Plus, did I mention that it was free?

But what about Jack's big open-mouthed grin that he has for me when he sees me in the morning? What about Bennie's squeal of delight when he sees me peek over the top of his crib? What about Lily's big, giant, amazing smile she has for me when I just say her name? How can I leave all of this? They are so amazing and wonderful I don't want to miss one minute...much less four nights.

I know they will be well taken care of...if not EXTREMELY spoiled. I also know that if they are too spoiled I will make the grandparents come back and fix them. I'm serious...I know ya'll read this.

I just love being with them. I've gotten so used to them and their funny little ways. They seem to kind of like me too. Will they miss me as much as I miss them? Heck, will they even know I'm gone? I think they will.

I am SO PROUD of Brian and his success. This trip is courtesy of Schwabb and Brian's great work ethic. He made Chairman's Club this year and we are on our way to meet good old Chuck...and get a private concert from John Legend. We will be living the high life for the next few days...Brian really deserves this. He is one of a kind and his hard work allows me to enjoy raising my babies at home. Thank you and I love you!

Farewell. I will be back Tuesday and will share pics of my first vacation as a Mom. I sincerely hope that I will not be crying in all of them.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Short stories by me... (I don't have the time to write much but I'll try to get the point across)

Last week I woke up and decided today was the day to get out of the house. I couldn't stand being cooped up any longer. No matter how hard it was we were going somewhere....somehow...

This was no easy task.

I had to feed the babies, get them dressed, and get myself dressed.

Pack the car.

Put the babies in the car...and take a funny pic.

Back out of the garage and run over a box (which was not supposed to be there).

Leave the house, drive a mile, realize I didn't know where my cell phone was, search the car, drive back home, find it in Ben's car seat.

Almost give up...but persevere.

Leave the house again and drive to the mall. Look at the clock and realize the whole process has taken well over two hours so far.

Unload, snap in, and go. Two babies in the double stroller and one strapped to me.

Thoroughly enjoy freedom!!!!

All in all it was a positive experience. I did learn a few things.
  • Pack and get ready the night before.
  • Use the bathroom BEFORE you leave the house.
  • DO NOT drink a large coffee and large glass of water before you leave.
  • Wear cool clothes because a 16 lb baby strapped to your body has a tendency to overheat you.
  • Do not wear a color that will show the sweat stains.
  • Park on the right floor of the parking garage so you don't have to scavenger hunt for the elevator.
  • If you want to enjoy another floor of a department store you have to use the elevator. (So didn't consider that)
  • All of my wheelchair driving experience will come in handy for something...And I'm still a bad driver of all wheeled things.
  • Realize that no matter how hard you try to blend in you are still a spectacle.
  • As long as you walk quickly and with purpose people will not stop you to ogle. Except when you knock over a display in the middle of the isle. You are pretty much screwed then.
  • Wear your hair in a ponytail as the baby who is strapped to you will (sneakily) suck on your hair.


They are FIVE MONTHS OLD!!!!

And one last cute one of Bennie...Love it!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Things I did not expect to happen to me today.... (Or... Icky, yucky, nasty things that happened to me today)

1. I did not expect to have to clean throw up out of my bra.

2. I did not expect to have to clean throw up off of my back...then later find it on my butt. Not sure if that was actually a continuation of the spit up that Ben managed to shoot down my back or if I sat in someone else's puke later.

3. I did not expect to have to clean up throw up from way down in the guts of the couch between the back cushion and seat. See above. When you sit down the seat pulls away from the back of the couch and creates a little pocket that puke loves to hide in. This is the third time it has happened which only leads me to believe that it probably has happened more but I am the only one that catches it. I am amazed that this couch does not smell like cheese. In my mind those little stinkers give each other points for puke "baskets." 10 points for Mom's hair, 10 points for down her shirt, 20 points for hitting the lap top, 25 points for making it in Mom's drink which is sitting on the floor, 30 points if she actually takes a drink because she did not realize that there is in fact regurgitated formula floating in it, and so on... My only consolation is that they do indeed also puke on each other. Ha. Ha. Ha. We have even been known to "aim" at each other while burping babies. We may have mental problems.

4. I did not expect to have to scrub poor little Jack's face to get the crusty throw up off of his hair, eyelashes, and ears. Apparently he spit up while doing tummy time and I was changing Lily in the other room. He never cried, wimpered, or made any noise that anything was wrong. I don't know if I should be proud of his sweet disposition of feel bad because he just gave up and layed in it.

5. I did not expect to have to dig hard poop out of someone else's bottom with a thermometer. O.k., actually this happened last night but I was so traumatized by it that I am still suffering from post traumatic stress syndrome. Poor Lily appears to be a tad constipated. I'm not sure who cried more, me or her. She is now on a strict regimine of pear juice. This will not happen again or we will both run away from home. Apparently I am the only one qualified to perform this operation (because I once worked in a hospital?) and no one else will touch that thermometer (which actually has butt written on it with a sharpie) with a ten foot pole.

"You're gonna do what?"
"Please...I'm begging you...NO!"

All pooped out...literally.

6. I did not expect to have to pick up poop from off of the floor. The harder and rounder it is...the more it appears to roll out of the diaper, take a few hearty bounces, and hide behind the door. I'm sure this could be put into lyrics to "On Top of Old Smokey". Yuck. Yuck. Yuck.

7. I did not expect to have to emergently wash their sleep sacks because one had poop on it (the poop bounced off of the wrap first), one had pee on it, and somebody (not naming any names) puked on their brother's wrap. I will only say the wrap was green...

8. I did not expect to get a little teary-eyed (damn hormones) this morning when I had all three babies lying on a blanket in the floor and they were all smiling and giggling at me. I am their Mommy. They love me. It is the most fantastic feeling in the whole world. They are damn lucky I am not bothered by gross stuff.

Addendum... Stuck my thumb in more poop and performed my first ever enema tonight (obviously not on the same baby whose poop I stuck my finger in). Let the good times roll.

Best Buds....

Sunday, April 13, 2008